Marketing Consulting

Areas of Specialist Consulting Include:

• Finding Important Differentiators
As Jack Trout stated ‘Differentiate or Die.” Even in markets offering relatively homogeneous products, you can always find a way to stand out from the herd with a claim that resonates with your target market
• Defining your Value Proposition
It’s vital that your business has a clear and concise value proposition that allows the customer to easily decide “why I should buy from you and not from your competitor”

• Discovering your Brand Essence
Great brands have a simple essence that is at the heart of what they want to stand for. That essence then becomes the template for every brand expression, from advertising to staff selection.

• Creating a powerful ‘Elevator Pitch’
How do you and your staff respond to the question “….and what do you do?” Here’s an opportunity to quickly engage a prospective customer, pique their interest and secure a follow up. But most businesses blow this opportunity to make a great first impression
• Crafting effective Pitch Presentations
The pitch needs to be treated like a play. It has a script that is interesting and engaging, has a flow that makes sense and leaves the audience with the desired impact. It has the right cast of characters who resonate with the audience and exude credibility. It includes sets, props, wardrobe…all the components of great theatre because that’s the very definition of a great pitch
• Rehearsing for Major Presentations
Rehearsals are the most important and most neglected part of most pitches. We rehearse the presenters individually to get them confident and effective, then with the team to ensure all the handoffs and connections flow.
• ‘Pitch Doctor’ Major Presentations
We help companies build major pitches from scratch, guiding them through the disciplines and process to ensure EVERY detail is covered and every opportunity maximised. We rehearse and critique the final presentations to be certain that what is about to be delivered is as impactful as it can possibly be. We help you to WIN!

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