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Ian Elliot

Ian Elliot

-Ex Chairman/CEO George

-Patterson Advertising

-Independent Company -Director

-Corporate Speaker/Trainer


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Corporate Speaking

Brand Building

Having helped build and develop some of Australia’s most successful brands over a 30 year career, (including Optus, VB, Arnotts) Ian explains the benefits of investing in Brand Creation which extend well beyond margin enhancement.

He helps provide the tools to seek out the right brand architecture including brand essence, unearthing a compelling value proposition and crafting that into a succinct ‘elevator pitch’. The presentation is laced with real life examples and stretches audiences to think more laterally about ‘the business they’re really in’, searching deeper into the ‘benefits of the benefits’ customers enjoy from interaction with your brand. Building relationships on an emotional level with customers and potential customers is a strategic skill that can be taught and can add measurable and infinite value creation.

Sales and Marketing

Having worked closely with more than 100 companies over 40 years to improve the outcomes of their sales and marketing strategies, Ian has developed a broad knowledge of a lot of industries, and some deep insights to the levers available to efficiently and effectively drive growth. These have ranged from retail to financial services, FMCG, automotive, grocery, manufacturing, airlines, tourism and leisure.

Ian encourages audiences to think more creatively and cost effectively about how they market and sell. ‘The best ideas, not the biggest budgets will win the day’. He shows many examples of how companies have out thought their competitors with low cost / no cost marketing strategies to win in their market place. ‘Marketing Without Money is the most enjoyable and rewarding challenge you can throw to your people’

Corporate Culture

Staff engagement and goal congruence are the holy grails of business life. A team working harmoniously and rowing in sync in the same direction removes the biggest impediments to success in business.

‘Corporate cultures should be designed by first understanding your customer’s needs, then hiring people with the personal qualities and skills that can deliver on those needs. Moulding that group into a high performance team who share the same values is a skill that requires carefully constructed processes that are values based.

Winning Pitches

Every business needs to build revenue by gaining more clients. As the most successful new business winner in the country, Ian condensed the skills and disciplines required to win in any business into the best seller ‘Stop Bitching, Start Pitching’ published by Murdoch Books.
Ian’s presentation explains the attitudes required to build a winning culture throughout an organisation, the disciplines that need to be followed, the insights that need to be gained and the tools you need to embrace to significantly increase revenue through client acquisition.

Apart from the business skills, these are also powerful tools to help everyone be more successful in expressing themselves and more persuasive in getting people to buy into your point of view or recommendations.

Presentation Skills

So many people have extraordinary skills and ideas, yet most are unable to get them accepted simply because they are ineffective communicators. Ian’s approach to helping improve presentation skills involves engaging the Five P’s. Plan, Process, Prepare, Practice and Perform.

‘Helping people became more confident and skilful ‘on their feet’ presenters is only a small part of where improvement gains are made. The most significant and fastest improvements come from showing them how to understand their audience and use our tools to better prepare the content of their presentations. Organising thoughts for translation in a tidy and engaging story is at the heart of every compelling presentation’. We treat presenting like theatre. It needs a great story, well scripted and flowing. Setting the stage, rehearsing and engaging with the audience provides the icing on top’

Trust Building

Trust is the bedrock foundation of all of our personal, commercial and societal relationships. Ian expands on the skills honed in advertising to get consumers to trust brands, into how to build trust, maintain it and even regain it once lost. His mathematical equation that allows users to measure trust by combined scores for Authenticity, Ability, Actions and Alignment is an illuminating tool that’s being embraced globally.


“As the leader of Sydney’s successful 2000 Olympic Bid Committee, I employed every strategy I could, to craft the winning pitch. But when it comes to pitching, Ian Elliot is ‘The Maestro” His experience in creating winning business pitches is legendary. He understands the science and the art form, to do what it takes to win. He’s the master persuader”.
Rod McGeoch
CEO, Sydney 2000 Olympic Bid Committee
“Your presentation was energising, insightful and inspiring – we had fantastic feedback”
Dibbs Abbott Stillman
‘Ian’s speech at the US Masters Golf had the Fortune 500 CEO’s and executives on the edge of their seats. A brilliant speech that did Australia proud”
Organising Committee Red Carpet Club Georgia Chamber of Commerce Augusta GA
Speakers at our last 2 annual events have been H. Ross Perrot and General Norman Schwartzkopf. Ian’s performance eclipsed them all. An uplifting, funny, poignant and motivating event.
Colonel Edwin Anderson
Chief of Staff John F Kennedy Special Warfare Centre. Fort Bragg North Carolina


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