Training Programs

Ian conducts 1 & 2 day master classes for small groups of executives to significantly improve their pitching and presentation skills.

Pitching Skills

Every business needs to build revenue by gaining more clients. As the most successful new business winner in the country, the skills and disciplines required to win in any business have been laid out in the best seller ‘Stop Bitching, Start Pitching’ published by Murdoch Books.The Master Class sessions explain the attitudes required to build a winning culture throughout an organisation, the disciplines that need to be followed, the insights that need to be gained and the tools you need to embrace to significantly increase revenue through client acquisition. This is the way to hard wire ‘winning pitches’ into your business disciplines
Apart from the business skills, these are also powerful tools to help everyone be more successful in expressing themselves and more persuasive in getting others to buy into a point of view or recommendations.
These are interactive classes which give participants the chance to workshop live opportunities, reworking our critiques to continually improve their pitch chances.
Participants leave with a valuable work book condensing all the IP in the book, they have a new language to embrace around winning pitches, a clear understanding of timelines, pipeline management, understanding clients at a range of levels and the blueprint to follow to allow every opportunity the chance for maximum success.

Presentation Skills

So many people have extraordinary skills and ideas, yet most are unable to get them accepted simply because they are sub standard communicators. Our approach to helping improve presentation skills involves engaging the Five P’s. Plan, Process, Prepare, Practice and Perform.
‘Helping people become more confident and skilful ‘on their feet’ presenters is only a small part of where improvement gains are made. The most significant and fastest improvements come from showing them how to understand their audience and use our tools to better prepare the content of their presentations.
Organising thoughts for translation in a tidy and engaging story is at the heart of every compelling presentation’. We treat presenting like theatre. It needs a great story, well scripted and flowing. Setting the stage, rehearsing and engaging with the audience provides the icing on top’
Participants leave with a suite of tools that allow them to express everything they could say and distil into all they should say. Then how to use the schematic technique to organise their content for flow and impact. They spend a lot of time presenting real life presentations, constantly refining their content. All participants also benefit from the style critiques and the ’50 tips for being effective on your feet.’

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